The Sorting Hat

The Sorting Hat is a fun quiz that will sort you into your Hogwarts House based off of your Myers Brigs Personality Type!

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I enjoy large groups.

Question 2 of 20

I tend to get lost in my thoughts.

Question 3 of 20

I love participating in large group activities.

Question 4 of 20

I have a hard time opening up to new people.

Question 5 of 20

In groups, I tend to take the initative.

Question 6 of 20

I try to find meaning in things around me.

Question 7 of 20

I am very realistic with my goals.

Question 8 of 20

I walk to the beat of my own drum.

Question 9 of 20

I like to keep the focus of my life on the here and now.

Question 10 of 20

Some say that I have grandiose dreams.

Question 11 of 20

I enjoy logic puzzles.

Question 12 of 20

I like to encourage others around me.

Question 13 of 20

I can be overcritical at times.

Question 14 of 20

I give people second chances.

Question 15 of 20

I try to stick to the issue at hand.

Question 16 of 20

I adapt easily when plans change.

Question 17 of 20

I am more at ease when I have a schedule to follow.

Question 18 of 20

I live by the motto "Live and Let Live".

Question 19 of 20

I am always prepared for life's "What Ifs"

Question 20 of 20

I go wherever life takes me.